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Caribbean Larimar set in .925 Sterling Silver

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15 Garnet with Amethyst, Citrine Blue Topaz and Peridot Ring Set in .925 Sterling Silver

We have Booths in Major Antique and Shopping Malls

Throughout our site you can browse through the Gems set in .925 SterlingJewelry in each booth. There is a separate page for each location that includes the address and phone number. Call the store and ask if your selected piece is still available. 

Three Oval Aquamarines in an Antique Mold set in .925 Sterling Silver

Typically Each Piece of Jewelry is a Specific Size

Many of our suppliers have Copyrights to antique molds and make new jewelry using antique molds. Other silversmiths create new and unique pieces highlighting their style. We also stock trendy inexpensive pieces to allow even those on a tight budget to find a piece of jewelry  to express their style. Whatever your lifestyle, be sure to check our website: 

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